A New Year and a new start…

Ooh, a blank page.

So…this moment is a bit harder than I thought it would be. My New Year’s Resolution was to start this blog (done!) after I’ve spent the last couple of weeks thinking about what to put on it. Yesterday I was thinking “I’ve got so many ideas to put on the blog, so exciting and interesting, it will all just flow”. Unsurprisingly it’s a bit harder to get started than I thought.

Anyway, enough worrying. Hello and welcome! This blog will hopefully develop into the place where I record what I get up to in the kitchen – trying out the classics and the favourites, but also experimenting with new ingredients and having a go at some of those recipes that just seem a bit too hard to try at home for any sane person. I do find there is a deep sense of satisfaction to be derived from taking on a recipe that you would usually think is way to hard to ever bother with*, and that making something that is far better than you’ve had before. It can, of course, be something of a double-edged sword – once you know how to make the ultimate cupcake, the perfect dip, the best cheese biscuit or ideal curry, then it can be a little bit annoying to have something sub-standard in a restaurant. It’s for that reason that I also like to go out for food in places that serve those dishes that I can’t cook (yet) or things I just would not make myself.

That brings me to what this blog is intended to do. My recipes will form one limb of this blog, but I also want to share the culinary side of London and other places – cafes, bars, restaurants, takeaways, bakeries…but I want to focus on the food. London has some visually amazing places to go, but I’ve had many experiences of places that have stylish decor and a hip vibe, so you order that oh-so-tempting dish…and then a deeply underwhelming plate of something average emerges. Equally, there are so many places that don’t look like worth popping your head round the door, expect that you are missing some of the best food you might ever eat. So here’s to putting substance over style and focussing on what London Eats when London wants some good food!

* I’m willing to try a lot, but I remain firmly of the opinion that home-made filo pastry will forever remain in the “too much work” category.

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