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On Location: Off Broadway (Hackney, London)

A couple of days ago I found myself at a loose end in Hackney’s Broadway Market. With 101 useful things I could have done with this time, the clear choice was to slip in to a cocktail bar for a couple of hours. OK, perhaps not the most useful thing to have done, but definitely great fun. Lo and behold, we ended up in Off Broadway, which is an interpretation of an East Village dive bar in East London.

I really, really loved this place and plan to go back quite a bit. It’s intimate and friendly. The staff are really cocktail enthusiasts, and it has a range of strong, well-made cocktails to keep you going all evening before sneaking off to enjoy the rest of the delights of an evening in Hackney.

I knocked back a Dark and Stormy from the cocktail menu, and after chatting with the bar staff, they started going freestyle and mixing up drinks based on what we felt like. I had one of the best Old Fashioned cocktails ever, with a twist of amaretto and bitters. My drinking companion enjoyed martinis made from coffee and pineapple (not together).

So if you also find yourself in this part of town, make sure you drop by!

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