Autumn in Scotland

Much as we love living in London, we all love to escape from time to time. So no cooking today – I am visiting family in Scotland for the weekend (Perthshire to be exact), so here are a few pictures of the local apples (which, as predicted, have done really well and taste great), some blaeberries, a looks-like-a-wildcat-but-isn’t housecat (albeit still quite a fluffy specimen) and the nature along the River Tay. Enjoy!

After taking in the last of the harvest in the garden, we headed to Dunkeld on the River Tay for a brisk walk in the moody early autumnal forest.

Amazing what you can do with an iPhone and a little bit of patience, eh? Happily, this little nature walk took advantage of the best weather of the day, and we got home just as the heavens opened and rain poured down. We also picked up a tub of excellent local vanilla ice cream from Stewart Tower in Murthly, which was great enjoyed with raspberry sauce made from the fruit for which Perthshire is rightly famous.

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