February in Pictures

I recently discovered Instagram. Well, to be accurate, I recently discovered how it worked – it sat on my phone for months before I realised that the fun of it is that you can share pictures, follow others, and see what your friends are getting up to. Once I understood that, there was really no stopping me, and I think I have subjected a lot of people to many, many random pictures.

I found it was particularly great when you are travelling. The filters that you can apply can turn a so-so shot into something that looks really very special, and the right effect captures the mood perfectly. Then once you get back to somewhere with wifi, log on, upload, and make a lot of people jealous that you are somewhere sunny while they are shivering at home.

As I got into using Instagram, I noticed there were a lot of folk posting rather random pictures. Okay, you expect people to post a selection of random things, but then I realised that there were some themes emerging. The lady behind Fat Mum Slim has been setting monthly challenges, with a topic per day, and people have taken to it like crazy. So while I missed January, I decided to go along and join in with February. And I am glad I did – it’s a fun thing to do, and you see things in everyday life that you might otherwise just overlook.

So here you have it, my month in pictures – including the grandeur of St Pancras station, London in the snow, and the gates of Buckingham palace.


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6 responses to “February in Pictures

  1. I think I need to check instagram out…Very nice pictures.

  2. It’s great to see all the photos together, now I wish I had a smart phone. The self-portrait is fantastic, love that hat! (Ok, also a bit jealous of all that snow.)

    • Thanks, it is good to actually see them all side by side – it makes you see how time flies, especially given we had all that snow a few weeks ago, and it’s gone and we’ve got blossom out now. Glad you like the self-portrait – rarely get the chance to wear that winter hat (and truth be told – it wasn’t really that cold)

  3. Hey. I think the pistachios are my favourite! I did a post like this and I love looking back on my month this way. It also really opened my eyes up to other photo opportunities. I’m doing March now, and have been taking part since the 1st of January. It’s like a picture diary for somebody (me!) to lazy to write a real one!

    • I like the pistachios too, and they are in an upcoming post, so keep your eyes peeled! I’m doing March too, and what’s really nice is that the pictures get easier – and look better – as the weather improves. Can’t wait until the end of the year to see them all in one mega-gallery. You’re right – just like a lazy person’s diary 🙂

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