Olympic Moments

I’ve already put down some of my thoughts around the London Olympics, and I promised to share a few pictures too. If you’re an Instagram user some of these will be rather familiar, but I still think they do the trick nicely.

As you can see, there is a bit of London decked out in flags, statues of the mascot Wenlock, the Olympic park and inside at a few of the events – swimming, hockey and athletics. Enjoy!


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7 responses to “Olympic Moments

  1. I loved seeing these! I can’t believe it was only just over a week ago that it was all going on…

    • Hi Kathryn – I know, it seems so quiet at the moment. For me, the saddest moment was being in St Pancras station, and seeing that they have taken down the Olympic rings. However, I’m going to a few of the Paralympic events too, so looking forward to that.

  2. Alejandra

    Cool pics! Greetings from Mexico! I love reading your blog, the recipes are yummy and the stories behind them make them special. I’ve also lived in several countries and food for me reminds me of friends I’ve made along the way and the places I’ve been to!

  3. Didn’t manage to make it to an event but London was buzzing with energy. Lovely pics.

  4. Lovely summary of the Olympics. I’m desperately trying to get tickets for the Paralympics with limited success 😦
    I live in hope!

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